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Factory Description

  Procoat Sdn Bhd is established since 1990. The name of Procoat carries the meaning of ‘Protective Coating’. The nature of the business is full manufacturing on plastic parts of motorcycle industry. Our mission is to provide efficient services, competitive cost and superb quality. Thus, our tagline is ‘Quality Guaranteed’.

We are specialised on surface coating business especially on spray painting system on coating plastic substrates. We mainly recruits and managed by experienced and trained in-plant management personnel in paint formulation and application. Our main focus is on candytone, metallic and cocktail system painting. These painting systems with produce high quality painted parts.

Our staff receives training on surface finishing especially on paint spraying and chrome plating skills and knowledge from Japan as to provide excellent service and good quality surface-finishing work.

We are vendor for large and established global motorcycles manufacturer such as Original Equipment manufacturer (OEM) sectors, Naza and Yamaha. Our quality and standard met the JIS specifications. Besides coating for large and established organisations and manufacturers, we also produce motorcycle plastic parts; fresh and paint, with par quality of the global organisation.

Besides the motorcycle industry, we also involved in coating the electrical and electronic plastic parts with brands like BBest and Nakajima Doko.
Year 2008/2009

Procoat Sdn Bhd(193101-V)
44 & 46, jalan seruling 58,
Taman Klang Jaya,
41200 Klang, Selangor, West Malaysia
Tel: 603-33234307 Fax: 603-33237212
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